How can I register for a course?

Click on the "Book a free demo" link, and send your request specifying your grade, curriculum , time zone & requirements and sooner you will be assisted by our teacher and a demo class will be fixed as per your time availability. Once the demo is conducted and found the teacher satisfactory for your requirement, you can choose the appropriate course package, decide the days & timings of class as required and make payments, voila!!!


When or how are the tutoring lesions going to be conducted?

The tutoring lesions will be conducted on the days and time decided between you and teacher, checking the availability and preference of both. The classes will be conducted online only on hourly basis and the only requirements will be a laptop with a good internet connectivity.


How long will be the demo session?

Each demo session will be about 30 minutes long.


Is this one-to-one tutoring or in groups?

The classes will be held on one-to-one basis only.


One session consists of how many hours?

Each session consists of one hour. If someone wants to take class for two hours, it will be counted as two sessions.


How do I know that I am being benefitted by tutoring?

We emphasis on conducting tests after each topic and the result/feedbacks and measures to be taken by the teachers for student’s improvements will be sent to the parents , so that both students and parents can observe the progress.


How can we make the payments?

You can select any of the available online payment options, which includes direct NEFT or any other online account to account transfer or other medias like PayTm, GooglePay, BHIM or any other UPI payment mode.


Can we take assignment help too?

Yes, sure, you can. You can send the before or within the class and discuss it with your teacher accordingly.


In which language will the classes be conducted?

The classes will be taken place in English mainly or Hindi, as per subject requirement and language availability with the teachers.


Can the booked classes be rescheduled or cancelled?

The classes can be rescheduled as per teacher’s next available slot. But, the students must reschedule their class atleast 12 hours before the scheduled appointment, else, the rescheduling may not be guaranteed and session will be counted. If the class is cancelled by the teacher for some reason, the teacher will surely reschedule student’s class on a different slot as per the preference of both teacher and student.


Can I get a refund after the session if I do not get the desired results in my test/ exam/ assignment?

We assure a 100% service to the students. However, the student’s results solely depends on their understanding and performance at the moment of evaluation, hence, we can’t take its responsibility. The classes once booked cannot be refunded at any juncture.


What happens if a booked class do not take place for any reason?

If a booked class has been denied due to unavailability of the teacher for any reason, then, its the responsibility of teacher to reschedule the class to nearest possible slot or extend the class in any of the days of the next month, as possible. But, if student is unavailable from the class without proper information, then the denied class will be counted as a session and its rescheduling totally lies in the hands of the teacher and their availability.