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Who are We

Tuhin E-Gyan is a platform led by Tuhina Burnwal, B.Tech Engineer and a maths enthusiast. With an experience of more than 7 years, we are helping students to achieve their goals without feeling the restriction of geographical boundaries. Whether it is about sharpening your skills, enhancing your calculations, a thorough learning of a particular topic or just a day-to-day guidance with your school assignments, we are always there to assist you.

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Our Motto

Our main goal is to give our students a platform where they can express themselves, their doubts and fears freely without any hesitation so that they can learn easily in a caring and supportive environment, build their knowledge under the expert guidance.

Why Us ?

We guarantee a continuous betterment with evaluation tests, regular feedbacks, etc. so that the parents can as well be assured that their child is in good hands. Our teachers are totally concerned to carry the course as per student’s requirements, which makes it more satisfactory to parents.